Cataract Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a cataract treatment in our clinic and use treatment to help improve the vision of our patients while decreasing their discomfort. Some patients do not realize they have cataracts and if so, are unfamiliar with treatment options. The […] Continue Reading

What You Should Know About Contact Lenses in Asheville

If you wear contact lenses in Asheville, you are already experiencing the benefits of improving your vision without needing to wear glasses. Contact lenses make it possible to see clearly without changing a person's appearance. Since there are numerous types of […] Continue Reading

What Services Does an Optometrist Provide?

It is important to see an optometrist at least once every two years. That allows us to diagnose the health of the person’s eyes, make sure that there are no significant changes, and prescribed treatment if necessary.Very few people are […] Continue Reading

Types of Corrective Lenses for Improving Vision

Corrective lenses, more commonly known to people as glasses or contact lenses, are lenses that go in front of the eye to treat a variety of eye-related conditions. Corrective lenses can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, to name a few of the conditions. […] Continue Reading

Vision Care for Children

It is critical for children to be able to see clearly and by offering vision care for the entire family, we make that possible. If you are concerned that your child is suffering from poor vision, we encourage you to […] Continue Reading

Vision Care Tips and Suggestions

As an optometrist, we provide comprehensive vision care with multiple methods to help improve our patients' vision. Beyond glasses and contacts, there are health tips that can be used on a regular basis both in our clinic and at home. […] Continue Reading

Types of Prescription Contacts

As an optometrist, we treat patients who have no idea they are in need of a new prescription. While some people prefer glasses, we offer prescription contacts to patients on a regular basis. That being said, there are a variety […] Continue Reading

Parents: Learn When to Take Your Child to an Eye Doctor

While adults may only need to visit an eye doctor once every year, a child may need appointments more often throughout the same amount of time. Factors that determine the need for an eye doctor appointment can include, having necessary […] Continue Reading

Types of Prescription Contacts for You to Consider

When it comes to prescription contacts there are two basic types of contact lenses that you are going to become familiar with. The two general types of contact lenses are hard contacts and soft contacts.  The most common type of […] Continue Reading

Finding an “Optometrist Near Me” in Asheville

When searching for an "optometrist near me" we encourage you to call our clinic and schedule an appointment. With more than 25 years of professional experience, we are a team of experienced optometrists in Asheville and you can depend on […] Continue Reading