Visit an Eye Doctor for Contacts at the End of Summer

Visiting the eye doctor at the end of summer, and at the beginning of the new school year, should be a tradition that most families adopt. Over the course of the year, it is easy to be extremely busy and […] Continue Reading

Vision Care for Diabetic Patients

We provide vision care for all patients, including specialized treatment for patients with diabetes. A person with diabetes will find it incredibly important to pay attention to vision changes and to receive diabetic eye exams on an annual basis. Even […] Continue Reading

Contact Lenses for Your Summer Vacation

Get contact lenses in time for summer. The weather is heating up and as it does, most people are heading toward vacations and pulling out the sunglasses in the process. This is something people with good vision do without thinking […] Continue Reading

Preventing Macular Degeneration with the Help of an Optometry Office

¬†¬†Preventing eye diseases like macular degeneration is possible, but your approach may be more effective with the help of an optometry office. Many people wait until well into adulthood after sight issues have already developed before they schedule an eye […] Continue Reading

Schedule LASIK Eye Surgery This Spring

As a provider of LASIK eye surgery, we find that spring is a popular time of year for patients to improve their vision. Spring flowers are getting ready to bloom and summer is on the horizon. Now is the time […] Continue Reading

LASIK Eye Surgery Can Improve Your Vision and Life

LASIK eye surgery can give you the vision that you have been missing. There is nothing like having the ability to see clearly without needing glasses or contacts. It provides a level of freedom that is simply incomparable. For those […] Continue Reading

Reasons to Upgrade Your Prescription Glasses in 2018

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Plan for Pediatric Eye Care in 2018

As a provider of pediatric eye care, we spent a lot of time thinking about the eye health and vision of our young patients. With 2017 coming to a close now is an excellent time to begin planning for next […] Continue Reading

Progressive Lenses Are An Attractive Alternative to Bifocals

Anyone who does not want to wear bifocals but is having difficulty reading small print or clearly seeing the computer screen should consider progressive lenses. Wearing progressive lenses are an excellent way to improve vision without looking or feeling like […] Continue Reading

An Eye Doctor Can Help You to Preserve the Gift of Sight

If you are looking for a reason to visit the eye doctor, ask yourself this, "how important are your eyes?" How important is it to be able to see clearly today and well into the future? These are everyday things […] Continue Reading